Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQ’s which should help you in your decision to buy from Willow Car Sales

Q: Can we view at any time?
A: Viewing can be at any time during daylight hours, 7 days a week


Q: Can we pay using cash or card?
A: Both cash and credit/debit cards are acceptable (Excl Amex)


Q : Can you fit accessories from my existing car to the new car?
A : Yes we can, including car seats, dog guards and cycle racks, though any electrical equipment may take longer and may incur a charge.


Q : Can I take the car for a test drive?
A : Yes, on condition that you are over 18 and hold a full driving licence.


Q : How much deposit do I need to leave if I decide to purchase the car?
A : We would normally ask for 10% of the purchase price.


Q : Can I buy an extended warranty?
A : Yes, no problem. Extended warranties range from 6 months to 3 years.

Willow Car Sales are specialists in small cars first cars....please call today. Viewing by appointment only